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Sponsors and Donors

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We are so grateful for your support and partnership in 2022!


Denver Housing Authority

Colorado Health Foundation

Caring for Denver

Healthy Food for Denver Kids

The Denver Foundation

Colorado Housing & Finance Authority

Secret Sauce - Ace Eat Serve

Arts in Society

Pacific Western Bank

Mile High 360

Meow Wolf

DPS/School to Work Alliance Program

Colorado High School Charter

Harvey Family Foundation

McKinsey & Company

Marilyn & Don Searls

Denver Arts & Venues PS You Are Here

Sprouts Healthy Community Foundation

Sheila Fortune Foundation

Lavonne & Chas Heaviland

Group 14 Engineering

Stella Yu & David Griggs

Hubbard Family Foundation

Denver Office of Immigration & Refugee Affairs

Frank Sinatra Holiday Team

Brandeberry McKenna Public Affairs- Dedicated to Amy Banker 



University of Denver Law School

Zayo Group

Chelsea Romaniello

Todd Nielsen

Jenifer Brandeberry- in honor of Amy Banker

Diana Keating

Joe Palatucci

Abel Coombs

Aldean Banker

Colorado Gives Community First Foundation

Steve Faceman

Annie Hancock

Mimi Youngpeter

Beth Ganz & Mitch Phillips

Brian Elms

Amy Banker & Steve Hartbauer

Julie Manhard

Mark Andrews in memory of Suzy Ehrlich Seed

Cathy Rock Megan Huffnagle

Emma Byers

Rosanna Ridings

Kevin Flegler

Sarah Banker Dedicated to Amy Banker

Priscilla Banker in honor of all YEA employees

Shan Ring

Amanda Carsten

Robert Nogueira Jr Dedicated to Coree Schmitz & Joe Palatucci

Jurgen Schlieman

Mark Stevens & Jody Chapel

Angel Villalobos

Erin Brannan

Chistopher Puckett

Rockford Wagner 

Elise Christman

Myriha Celella

Lindsay & Bill Hancock

Nichelle Larrea

Lori Laurita

Marian Lawrence

Ian McAdams

Bonnie McCune

Chelsea Nagy

Laura Parrado

Laurel Smith dedicated to Lori Laurita

Tsehai Teklehaimanot

Aaron Twerdok

Allyson Sawtell

Alexa Barratt

Harriet Hogue

Meghan Lawler dedicated to Annie Hancock

Anonymous contributions in honor of Jenifer Brandeberry & Dominic DelPapa,  Angel Villalobos and Brooke Prideaux 


Denver Housing Authority

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Public Schools Career Connect

Denver Public Schools/School to Work Alliance Program

Stanley Marketplace

Josh Crawley

Priscilla Banker

Marilyn Searls

Decorative Materials 

Stella Yu

Chelsea Romaniello


And to all of those who wish to remain anonymous – thank you!!!

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